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Pregnancy: When to Call Your Doctor

Pregnancy is different for each woman; every pregnancy in the same woman can be different as well. When you feel uncomfortable or in pain during any stage of your pregnancy, it's hard to know if your discomfort is serious enough to call the doctor or if you should wait the symptoms out. Here are concerns during pregnancy you should never wait to alert your doctor about.


Headaches are common in pregnancy. The constant change in hormones and pressure on your spine leads to chronic tension headaches or even pregnancy migraines. Your doctor can prescribe a pregnancy-safe pain medication or will recommend certain over-the-counter painkillers to alleviate your symptoms.
Write down how often your headaches occur and how long they last, and share this information with your doctor. Headaches that are accompanied by extreme fatigue, dizziness, nausea, disorientation, or loss of vision are serious and can be a sign of preeclampsia or hypertension. Both of these conditions are dangerous to mother and child and require emergency medical care. Let your doctor know immediately if any of these symptoms accompany your headaches.

Extreme Nausea

As many as 85% of women get morning sickness when they are pregnant. The cause of morning sickness is believed to be the HCG hormone. Most pregnancy-related vomiting and nausea peaks in the first trimester, although you may feel morning sickness throughout pregnancy.
While morning sickness is one of the most common parts of pregnancy, extreme nausea requires medical care. When you vomit everything you consume, you put your baby at risk of being born underweight or prematurely because your body is not nourished enough for a healthy pregnancy.
Call your doctor if you have extreme nausea, especially if you are rapidly losing weight and are dehydrated. Your doctor can prescribe you prescription medication designed to manage nausea and will monitor your daily food and beverage intake to ensure that you're on track to keeping your body healthy.

Ovarian Cysts

You can get an ovarian cyst at any time, including while you're pregnant. An ovarian cyst is a sac that fills with fluid or other matter and rests on the ovaries. This type of cyst usually ruptures on its own, with the fluids getting reabsorbed into the body.
An ovarian cyst causes discomfort or pain during intercourse and can cause pelvic pain or pressure as well. Bowel movement problems are also common with some ovarian cysts. During pregnancy, an ovarian cyst can be pushed upwards in the stomach, revealing itself in the lower abdomen or near the belly button.
If you have an ovarian cyst, your doctor will give you an ultrasound to see if the matter inside the growth is solid or fluid. A fluid-filled cyst is more common and usually non-threatening.
If the ovarian cyst continues to grow, your doctor may recommend removing the cyst to avoid causing potential damage to your unborn child or your womb. A large cyst can complicate delivery or cause a C-section to be performed - the cyst is removed along with the baby in this scenario.
Your doctor will determine the best treatment for an ovarian cyst depending on the following:
  • Where the cyst is located
  • How large the cyst is
  • Symptoms the cyst is causing
  • If the cyst is a threat to your unborn child
A cyst can be surgically removed following the birth of your child as well. If your ovarian cyst poses no particular threat during pregnancy, your doctor will recommend monitoring the growth and allowing your body to handle the condition naturally.
Any concerns you have about your pregnancy should be given to your doctor. When you choose Hampstead Medical Center PC for your pregnancy needs, you choose medical professionals you can trust. Call us to schedule an appointment today. We are happy to address your female health needs before, during, and after delivery.


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